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Looking for Work During Retirement? 

These Tips Can Help.

Are you thinking of picking up a new job during retirement? Working after retirement is a good way to stay active and to stay on top of your retirement budget. If you need some help finding the right work to fit your retirement plans, you may need to use these helpful tips.....

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Come Work with Us
Safety, reliability, compassion in every drive

Join the Team

We're searching for friendly, caring individuals to join our team as drivers, providing safe and comfortable transportation for the older population, as well as office assistants to support our operations. If you're passionate about making a positive impact, we'd love to have you on board!

Current Positions Open:

Driver (Independent Contractor):

Are you compassionate, caring, and enjoy helping others? We are always looking for smiling happy people. Senior Express provides a comfortable, personalized, safe, and reliable transportation experience catered to each client’s individual needs. We escort our client’s door-to-door for: medical/dental appointments; outpatient surgeries; dialysis treatments; errand services; shopping trips; social outings; night-time events; church functions; travel-to-airports; etc.
Upon acceptance of a contract offer, the following items are required:
1.    Copy of driver’s license & Social Security card
2.    Insurance Declaration (coverage) Page with 100/300/50 required.
3.    Three-year official driving record - SCDMV Online Driving Record
4.    National Background Check
5.    National Sex Offender Registry report
6.    Clean, well‐maintained senior friendly vehicle that can accommodate walkers & wheelchairs.
Client Relations / Standards
•    Door-to-door assistance
•    Provide a pleasant environment.
•    Assist clients as needed (offer to carry any extra bags, etc.)
•    Open door for clients when entering and exiting vehicle.
•    Walk clients into doctor’s office/door-to-door.
•    Vehicle kept clean and well-maintained.
•    Gifts from clients are prohibited; gratuity is acceptable.
•    The dress code is business casual with picture ID badge, no jeans, or t-shirts.
•    Each client must sign and be given the original receipt with appropriate information.
•    Office must be notified when late for an appointment at least 10 minutes before scheduled.
•    Mileage is taken from Google maps unless the client prefers their own route.
•    Drivers are responsible for knowledge of route and destination to ensure safety, efficiency, and client satisfaction

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